Slayin App Reviews

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Cool, really addictive

0,99$ for nothing

I pay 0,99$ for a game and its isnt working


Pretty good but I wish there was a way to restore purchases


This game is the best

Complete rip off

The app wont even load up. It will stay on the loading screen forever

Fame Points

This is really good and I really like getting new characters.

Not bad

Fun, simple game, though not much role playing to be done.

Fun game to have

You will lose track of time because of how addicting and fun this game is. UPDATE: AUGEST 17TH The game is still fun to this day. However, do play in moderate bursts as this game gets highly repetitive if you play it for a long time in one sitting.


This game is awesome!!!! Buy it now!!!

Fun Game! Needs an update though:

Firstly, I love this game! Great way to waste some time whether its for a single minute or 30! However I have one major complaint that takes it down an entire star: it wont let me play my music/audio in the background! Even if I turn off the games sound, it wont play any outside music once in the game. Fix that and itd be 5/5 stars!!

Fun game

Easy, fun game to pass the time


Addictive. Gets funner when you play with the knave

Super mega ultra extremely amazing game

Best mobile game I have ever played deserves more than 500000 stars

Love it

Love the game, and I find it very addictive. Also a recommendation, make some purchasable backgrounds for the graveyard. I personally dont like the tree on a sunny day

Make a second game pls

Please make a second game it would be nice


This game is great but I really hope one of the developers reads this I think that more Fame points should be given when completing a quest.

Great Game

The game played good, i really had fun playing it.


This game is decent and stuff but some of the upgrades in this game is stupid. You must upgrade a crap ice attack for a bigger tornado. -Boss Rush: How the hell is the wizard suppose to attack the air HAWK? -The lighting storm wave is the worst upgrade. It reduces your wizards ranged attack. -Some of the mechanics are badly designed. I will change my rating to a 5/5 if you improve this game.


Real nice time waster. Fun to play. Time well wasted.


Im doing this for fame points

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