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Slayin app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 8160 ratings )
Games Role Playing Arcade
Developer: FDG Mobile Games GbR
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Apr 2013
App size: 20.47 Mb


Slayin will test your skills like no other endless game on the App Store. Don’t get yourself fooled by its charming retro graphics and motivating chiptune soundtrack. In this game, death lurks behind every corner!

Your task sounds all so simple. First choose from one of three heroes: knight, wizard and knave. Then slay as many monsters as possible, while leveling up and getting more powerful equipment and spells along the way. But there’s a catch: once you die, you’re gone for good!

On your journey you will travel through numerous locations and encounter dozens of different monsters and fearsome bosses. Eventually, you will even have to face the giant dragon of legend. But he will not part with his treasure easily. Only the most worthy adventurers will be able to complete this task and become a true hero. Get ready for some slayin!

• World’s first endless action RPG
• Challenging and rewarding
• Pixel perfect retro graphics
• Chiptune soundtrack by Matt Creamer (Retro City Rampage)
• 6 unique playable classes: knight, wizard, knave, archer, tamer and ninja
• Endless loot: tons of weapons, armor and spells
• Face legendary monsters and bosses
• More than a hundred challenging quests to master
• 3 unique game modes
• Compete with your friends on Game Center

Pros and cons of Slayin app for iPhone and iPad

Slayin app good for

This is really good and I really like getting new characters.
You will lose track of time because of how addicting and fun this game is. UPDATE: AUGEST 17TH The game is still fun to this day. However, do play in moderate bursts as this game gets highly repetitive if you play it for a long time in one sitting.
Firstly, I love this game! Great way to waste some time whether its for a single minute or 30! However I have one major complaint that takes it down an entire star: it wont let me play my music/audio in the background! Even if I turn off the games sound, it wont play any outside music once in the game. Fix that and itd be 5/5 stars!!
Best mobile game I have ever played deserves more than 500000 stars
Love the game, and I find it very addictive. Also a recommendation, make some purchasable backgrounds for the graveyard. I personally dont like the tree on a sunny day
This game is great but I really hope one of the developers reads this I think that more Fame points should be given when completing a quest.

Some bad moments

The app wont even load up. It will stay on the loading screen forever
This game is decent and stuff but some of the upgrades in this game is stupid. You must upgrade a crap ice attack for a bigger tornado. -Boss Rush: How the hell is the wizard suppose to attack the air HAWK? -The lighting storm wave is the worst upgrade. It reduces your wizards ranged attack. -Some of the mechanics are badly designed. I will change my rating to a 5/5 if you improve this game.
I spent a dollar for the in game currency but all I got was 1$ less and scammed if you want to buy anything on this just dont
Dont waste your money on this game. I bought it because it looked like a nice retro game but it will not load. I havent been able to play it once because it does not load past the loading screen before the credits. I left it trying for an hour & nothing happened it just was stuck there.
Game is Grindy but a little fun at first. Fun quickly wears off and game rewards for achievements makes them a total waste of time compared with straight-up grinding. My 1-star review is because this keeps freezing intermittently after beating a boss. Then regardless of how long youve been playing you get no credit/fame for your grinding and your completed achievements dont get completed. After 3 freezes I am deleting this game the day after buying it and not coming back. That 99cents bought me more aggravation than fun...
Love this game is super addicting but since the new iOS update the sound doesnt work during gameplay please fix for more stars in review thank you. Your company is awesome.

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